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Actor | SAG/EMC | New York, New York

I'm pretty sure I made my stage debut when I was 3 months old as baby Jesus in a church Christmas play. Ever since then, theater continues to be an essential part of my life.

I am a Cincinnati native. In high school, I trained with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and developed a love for classical theater and deep text work. Through my time with Wheaton College Arena Theater, I began to appreciate modern works and the vital importance of an ensemble. Post-grad, I enjoyed taking the stage back in Cincinnati on the boards of theaters that I admired all through high school. 

In 2020, I moved to NYC with my husband and our two dogs. We love to drink good coffee, eat good food and go on long walks to wear out the puppies. When I'm not listening to podcasts while walking with my dogs, you can probably find me at Act First Studios where I'm the studio manager and ongoing student. ​

About Me: Bio
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